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Moving Walls Out of Your Way


In 1986 Beverlin Hammett started high school, college, and working in an insurance company all at the same time. 


By 1990 she was working in the financial district of New York City and eventually started her first consulting company Hammett Global Consulting in 2001.  HGC was focused on provided consulting services to banks and mortgage companies. 


In 2005 she had the opportunity to join a major American bank.  It was during this time that she worked in California and lived in Georgia while also traveling the world for humanitarian related activities.  Given all that she saw in developing countries in conjunction with what she understood about financing start ups, she started 3G Worldwide Consulting in 2007.

However, after starting 3G Worldwide she left the USA and was based in South Korea for the 10 years where she traveled to various countries for humanitarian activities while also developing courses and teaching students business, ethics, and technology to students from over 50 countries.

3GW Consultants will:

  • Lead the design and implementation of leadership and professional development programs with
    performance measures to gauge program effectiveness.

  • Work closely with the business leaders to clearly understand company goals so that your team can drive results with respect to new and ongoing talent and learning initiatives.

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