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Organizational Readiness 


3GW Can Help You Determine How To Become Ready for Change

Readiness is a highly subjective term—subjective in scope, subjective in degree, and subjective in the eye of the beholder. What and who needs to be ready? How ready is ready enough? And whose viewpoint should be used when judging readiness?

3GW Consultants specialize in creating business change assessments and readiness programs to build solid executable plans that will determine if your organization is ready for change.

3GW Consultants will assess:


  • Cultural Readiness—the degree of alignment between cultural norms and the proposed change.

  • Commitment Readiness—the degree of resolve and ability of the organization, through its leaders at all levels, to see the change through to successful and sustainable completion within the organization's overall strategic agenda.

  • Capacity Readiness—the degree to which the organization is able to bring supportive work processes, historical knowledge and experience, current knowledge, skills and abilities, and resources to bear to aid in successful implementation and sustainability of the change.

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