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Leadership Development

Forward Thinking Organizations Use Leadership Development as a

Core Business Strategy.

Successful organizations recognize the advantage of ongoing development for key individuals and the benefits of providing situational coaching during times of organizational need.

3G Worldwide Consultants are experienced at creating Leadership Development programs that will ensure your current staff become managers, and your current managers become executive leaders.


With 3GW's Leadership Development program, your organization can empower long term and dedicated stakeholders who will  contribute to the growth of the company and grow with it as well.

3GW Consultants will also help your company’s employees master the skills and behaviors needed to successfully navigate dynamic business realities. With newfound skills and strengthened competencies, staff, managers, and executive leaders can increase personal effectiveness and transform teams.

For Managers

  • Enhance the productivity of your employees by helping them understand how to bring out the best in their teams.

  • Increase employee engagement due to managers knowing how to effectively empower and lead people.

  • Develop a positive and nurturing corporate culture where learning is embraced by all employees, both in-house and remote.

  • Help employees execute better decisions based on strategy and planning vs. simply reacting to problems.


Business Man

For Employees

  • Define the skills that they need in order to move from executing daily tasks to managing others.

  • Develop programs where employees are involved in cross functional team discussions where they have a better understanding of the company as a whole.

  • Encourage Manager - Employee Mentorship which would allow employees to be groomed for promotion.

  • Engage in Conflict Resolution training in order to management potential conflict where day to day operations are not disrupted.

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