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eLearning Development

3G Worldwide Consultants

Develop Agile eLearning Environments

eLearning Development professionals know how overwhelming the task of creating course content can be. With the imperative end goal of creating engaging, informative courses for learners established, the process of getting there often feels complex and convoluted. 

3GW Consultants understand that agility is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily. When developing an agile eLearning course, the development process is redesigned to incorporate both of these factors.  The result is a much more efficient system for you and your learners, in which you’ll frequently produce small chunks of utilizable content, rather than taking months to create a single course.

3GW Consultants will use the following in order to develop an engaging eLearning program and platform:

  • Program Design – We will partner with key stakeholders to design cohesive programs that achieve desired outcomes and incorporate all necessary objectives.

  • Course Design - We partner with key stakeholders to design courses that align to program objectives and fit together in an engaging and meaningful way.

  • Course Development - Modeled on the ADDIE framework, we partner with subject matter experts and production staff to build courses that can be used in any LMS.

  • Authoring Tools - We use a variety of cutting-edge tools are used including Adobe Captivate 9, Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Illustrator.

  • Interactive Modules - We will develop engaging, interactive modules at any level of complexity. From Level 1 with basic interactivity, to Level 2 that includes branching, to advanced on-screen interactivity in Level 3 modules.

  • Media Assets - We are able to provide any asset needed to complement online courses, such as UI templates, voiceover, animated videos, screencasts, or podcasts

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