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Corporate Training & Development

3G Worldwide Consultants Have A Successful History of Developing Training Programs

3G Worldwide Consultants understand how to design and facilitate training using applied standards and effective learning techniques.  In addition, they are all skilled at incorporating mixed delivery mediums and post training assessments.

3GW Consultants will:

Create role-based course content for each user group based on our discovery of your systems and business workflow.


Work closely with subject matter experts and business managers to ensure information is relevant, technically accurate, and consistent with current business practices.


Ensure training content has relevant scenarios and best practices for getting the most out of your employee's time.

Consultants will create all the following documentation and other needed training materials:

  • Training Presentations

  • Facilitator Scripts

  • Reference Guides

  • End User Manuals

  • On-the-job Training Guides

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